Victory for the Whales: See IFAW Posting

Huge thanks to Australia for helping abused animals, this time for going after Japan in their whale slaughter endeavors, taking them to the International Court of Justice over its whaling in the Antarctic.

It is horrible to see the pictures (c. IFAW ) of the Minke whales waiting to be flensed on the Japanese factory ship Nisshin Maru during a whale hunt in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary.

Next year should be the first year in over a century when the whales of the Southern Ocean are left in peace with the slaughter ended. Japan had started Antarctic whaling other countries such as the US and UK stopped their destructive whaling practices. From three quarters of a million blue whales in this area only a few thousand remain. It is with all hope now that we look forward to their numbers.

“But unlike other countries, Japan chose to continue whaling in this remote area. Japan’s programme of ‘research’ has continued since the moratorium on commercial whaling came into effect in 1986, with more than 10,000 minke whales killed in the Southern Ocean. Even the decision by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) to declare the Southern Ocean a sanctuary for whales was not enough to stop Japan’s whaling. Twenty-three nations voted in favour of the sanctuary at the 1994 meeting of the IWC and only Japan voted against.”

“The court ordered that Japan should withdraw all permits and licenses for whaling in the Antarctic and refrain from issuing any new ones under their current lethal whaling program.”

So many around the world helped secure this exciting win for whales, including the work of the global whale team of the International Fund for Animal Welfare who have worked tirelessly to end commercial whaling for more than 30 years. This day would not have been achieved without their committed effort.

We thank everyone who has made this possible.

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