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Shocking: Why cruel bull taming event Jallikattu legal in India? – Naresh Kadyan

PETA is helping abused animals by exposing cruelty to bulls in India.

We just received the great news of success:

“NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Wednesday banned Tamil Nadu’s centuries-old Jallikattu bull fights.
A bench of Justice KS Radhakrishnan and Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghose also asked the centre to amend the law on preventing cruelty to animals to bring bulls within its ambit. The court also struck down a 2011 Tamil Nadu law regulating the conduct of Jallikattu.
The law provided for conducting Jallikattu from January to May in various places in Tamil Nadu to ensure the protection of not only the participants but also of the spectators. The law was enacted in the wake of a large number of deaths and injuries that took place during the sport.
The ban order came as the apex court allowed an appeal by the Animal Welfare Board of India challenging a Madras high court verdict.”

This message was sent by OIPA  (International Organization for Animal Protection) in India