About: Pet Pardons saved many pets across the U.S.

Pet Pardons is helping abused animals with their rescue and shelter services.

Reprint from Examiner.com May 16 ,2011


Pet Pardons

Every day, thousands of homeless pets in shelters across the United States are put down due to lack of space, funding or resources. In many cases had the pets been given just one more day they might have been adopted into a loving home. Since December of 2010 the advocates behind the Pet Pardons Facebook application have been changing this harsh reality into a future full of hope and happiness for thousands of abandoned and homeless pets.


Pet Pardons Co-Founder and Communications Director, Ashley Hill explains that “Pet Pardons was created to raise awareness about the realities for shelter pets in this country, as well as to encourage others to become active participants in saving these precious, deserving lives.


“By educating the public about the number of pets killed in America,” she continues “Pet Pardons aims to promote adoption, spay/neuter, and volunteerism.”


Members of the Pet Pardon community are given daily Facebook bulletins and updates allowing them to share the stories of pets in need or even take direct action to adopt or donate money to save the life of the pet. The reasons for how these animals end up in shelters are as numerous as the reasons why there are so many dedicated volunteers working hard every day to save innocent lives.


As Ashley Hill explains, the process behind how pets make it into the Pet Pardons system is quite user friendly and helps animals in shelters of all types and in varying situations.

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