About: Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation, helping abused animals with their focus on horses.

Located in Arizona

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue, a  501(c)(3), 100% volunteer, non-profit organization. They are dedicated to rescuing Premarin (PMU) horses and foals that have been discarded by the drug industry and are headed for slaughter. They also are helping abused animals by rescuing horses and other farm animals from abuse, abandonment and slaughter. The rehabilitate, train and whenever possible, place rescued animals in qualified, loving homes.

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue & Rehabilitation Inc. of Arizona is Accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries and the American Sanctuary Association.

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Dreamchaser is listed in several sites as accredited and top rating:  GFAS, ASA Animal Sanctuaries, Great Non-Profits, Guide Star

About: Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries

reprint: GFAS is helping abused animals by setting standards for rescue organizations.

The GFAS Standards of Excellence were developed and reviewed with the input of animal services officers, non-profit professionals, sanctuary managers, animal protection advocates, and veterinarians, utilizing existing standards from outstanding sanctuaries as a starting framework and refined/expanded upon based on knowledge and expertise of contributors, all helping abused animals… more on GFAS

Dreamchaser Horse Rescue is listed on GFAS.

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