Here are more than 10 victories in helping abused animals that lift our spirits. Of course, there is SO much more to do. These victories were enabled by great compassionate heroes and organizations. They were also enabled by people sharing information about the realities of animal abuse and signing petitions.

Four Paws UK saved lion cubs Masoud and Teres. Four Paws International saved Simba and Saeed. They also saved Misa, a little bear, who is making progress since she was rescued from being permanently trapped in a cage.

Humane Society International stated, “U.S. pro-trophy hunting group, Safari Club International announced it will not allow captive-bred lion hunts to be sold or promoted during its conventions, will no longer accept advertising from operators offering these hunts, and will prohibit entries of captive lion hunts into its record books!..huge step forward for lions.”. UK and Taiwan governments have announced bans on ivory sales, a huge win for elephants.

Portugal: Vegan options are required by law now.

Compassion in World Farming: Sodexo (one of the largest food service companies in the world) expands chicken commitment in Canada, a huge development in the fight to end factory farming.

The Humane Society: Great Dane brutal commercial breeding operation was stopped.

In Defense of Animals: San Francisco bans fur sales.

IFAW team responded to more than 4600 stranded marine mammals since 1998. “One day a record-breaking 17 dolphins were rescued after becoming stranded on the shores of Cape Cod.”

Vegan biotech companies are disrupting the leather industry.

Non-dairy milk is growing.

IBM is helping to protect rhinos with their technology which predicts threats and combats the poaching in South Africa.

All these organizations and efforts are helping abused animals, saving many and bringing awareness of the abuse.

Thank you to all!


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