From Managua, Nicaragua, Melania, an animal lover all her life, is involved with several organizations that help stray cats and dogs in her city. These organizations work because of private donors, but they have reached a point where the same people are the ones who donate, and there are more animals to rescue.

Animal shelters do not exist in Nicaragua, what good people do is to give strays a temporary home until a forever one is found. In that process, animals need to be spayed/neutered and recovered from wounds or whatever sickness they have (which is usually the case since they live in the streets with no or little food and no shelter).

Melania donates monthly and helps these organizations to get the word out, to get more donors, educate people about animal cruelty, etc. She knows these people personally, and without them there wouldn’t exist the slow progress they are seeing in the animals’ welfare area. She posts pictures of the animals treated, and links to these organizations to their Facebook pages, since they don’t have the money to build a website.

If you would like to donate, Melania would be very thankful on behalf of those animals. It does not matter how small or big the donation; every bit helps!

Click HERE to donate to Melania’s cause.

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