Report Animal Abuse

Please view these tips on reporting animal abuse from these organizations:


What to do if you suspect that an animal is being abused / how to recognize abuse.

National AGLA Center

States’ Animal Cruelty Statuses &
AWIC USDA: How to use this information

Humane Society

Humane Society – Take Action


ASPCA Report Cruelty

Animal Legal Defense Fund

Live Save Mobile App to Report Animal Cruelty


How to help a neighbor’s neglected animal

American Humane

Report Internet Animal Abuse


How to report animal cruelty

Animals Abused

How to Report Abuse


Animals may be saved if someone quickly calls the authorities. If you ever see anyone bullying ANY animal, say something! If an animal is in danger, contact your local animal control agency or the police immediately, and if they’re unresponsive, then contact PETA. To help sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife, check out our GUIDE to handling an animal emergency, and to help wildlife every day, see our list of easy ways to HELP WILDLIFE.