‘Feeling gratitude’ is discussed in many books. How can you feel gratitude when, as you are helping abused animals, you see the realities of horror? Studies have show that when people write down 5 things they were grateful for on a daily basis, they feel better about their lives. I feel total gratitude for everything in my life.  But I also have a sad cloud hovering around and embedded in my heart and mind because of all the abused and harmed beings in the world… both human and animal. It pains me deeply. It is beyond frustrating and excruciating that I can’t solve all the problems of the world, rather, that I can only help minimally.

Books about developing gratitude as a daily philosophy don’t discuss how you can feel better with gratitude when the problems of the world are beyond overwhelming. Maybe I missed the book that helps in this arena. I would love to read it if someone can point me in that direction.

So regarding ‘helping abused animals’, I thought that maybe I should have a gratitude list that highlights improvements and success stories. More people are aware of the abuses. More are changing their lifestyles to consider helping animals with vegan diets and vegan clothes. More companies are producing more products that are cruelty-free. More petitions are established and shared to help attack the problems. So many groups and individuals are rescuing animals and fighting for animal rights. Gratitude for all this helps, rather than focusing only on the daily information and knowledge about how animals are tortured and slaughtered for food, clothes, furniture, medicine, practice, and yes, for fun and revenge.

I started tracking victories and success stories at my Linkedin Group ‘Helping Abused Animals’: see https://www.linkedin.com/groups/1087837/search?q=victory. I retweet happy stories and say thank you in my retweet for a positive story.

Gratitude for helping abused animals:

  • Saving a bird from an electrical wire and a dog caught in the middle of a highway.
  • Investigations and closures pet stores that need to be shut down.
  • Development of lab-grown meat, creation of vegan food and cruelty-free products.
  • Fighting for animal rights, for bringing back the USDA website, for stopping the government funding of animal experiments.
  • Citizens running a proposed ‘mega-dairy’ farm out of town.
  • The saving of dogs from dog meat restaurants.
  • Ending of animal entertainment in some places.
  • Dog race-track closures.
  • Retailers deciding to eliminate fur.
  • Schools ending cat dissection.
  • Banning of plastic straws.
  • Showing videos and pictures of farm animals rescued and happy and oh so cute.
  • Teaching people to connect the food on their plates to the horrors of how the food got there.
  • and so many more.



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