Looking to visit the national parks this summer and get a glimpse of the wildlife? Beware of the proposal that would endanger wildlife, specifically wolves this time. What will be the next species at risk of extinction?
The U.S. Department of the Interior’s Fish and Wildlife Service wants to delist gray wolves in the contiguous 48 states from the Endangered Species Act (ESA), thereby removing protection afforded them by that law. This harmful bill would jeopardize gray wolves’ fragile recovery from near-extinction.
Being removed from the protection under the ESA will enable trophy hunters and others to painfully trap and kill wolves, even mother wolves with pups nearby that rely on them for protection and food. They too would die.
People care about wolves. More and more visit the national parks to catch a glimpse of these beautiful animals. And they prefer seeing them alive rather than having their heads hanging on walls. And there is no economic advantage to hunting. Wildlife watchers outspent hunters by a ratio of about 3 to 1.
The justification that they use for proposing the delisting from protection is that wolves decimate livestock herds, but this has been proven false. Wolves are an important member in the ecosystem.
Please help protect wolves.
  • It would take only a few seconds to contact your U.S. Representatives and Senators to keep the wolves on the Endangered Species Act. You can find out who your Representatives and Senators are HERE.
  • You can sign the petition HERE to help.
  • And even greater help would be to submit your comments HERE. The department is reading your comments, but the deadline is May 14.
  • Please share this with your friends. Every signature and every comment helps.

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