Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is Helping Abused Animals

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is Helping Abused Animals

Living the Farm Sanctuary LifeMr. Gene Baur and Mr. Gene Stone have written an amazing book that addresses the farm business, farm animals and how to eat mindfully. Throughout his life, Mr. Baur has taken upon himself the task of exposing the horrific abuses occurring in farms. These factory farms are a nightmare to the animals and to people who love animals. Many people don’t realize how abusive the farms are to animals. And many don’t realize how dairy products also impose further animal abuse.

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life is a non-judgmental book, that calmly discusses the vegan approach, in baby steps. The book offers many delicious vegan recipes from breakfast meals to desserts, along with a portfolio of plant-based pantry staples to make it easier for people who are pursuing the vegan path.

Readers will learn how the vegan diet not only helps the animals, but how it is a healthier life style for people and for the environment.

Living the Farm Sanctuary Life gives us a glimpse into the beautiful animals that have been rescued at the Farm Sanctuary, from cows to pigs and others… all cute, huggable, lovable animals that deserve to live out their full lives with love.

Mr. Baur is the president and co-founder of Farm Sanctuary and has been hailed, rightly so, as “the conscience of the food movement” by Time Magazine. Mr. Stone has written many books on animal rights and plant-based nutrition. His New York Times bestseller Forks Over Knives has changed many people’s diets to veganism.

I deeply thank Mr. Baur and Mr. Stone for all their awesome efforts and achievements in helping abused animals.

This book can be purchased at our online store JustVegan.Shop.

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Save Elephants & Rhinos

Save Elephants & Rhinos

Help save the elephants and rhinos from poaching. They are brutally tortured and killed for their IVORY!!!   Their ivory is brutally removed from them to be used for TRINKETS !!!!! How horribly inhumane. Help by marching, signing petitions, sharing the information, donations to organizations…. Many ways to help. And definitely don’t buy trinkets. Helping abused animals is critical to them and our world. We are losing so many: 1 rhino is killed every 9 hours. 1 elephant is killed every 15 minutes. They don’t have much time left.

For more information about the march on October 4, and to find out the cities where the march will take place, visit

March to help elephants and rhinos on Oct 4, 2014

Help save elephants and rhinos

About: Rock City Rescue Helping Abused Animals

About: Rock City Rescue Helping Abused Animals

Rock City Rescue rescues animals that have been abused, endangered, neglected, or in danger of being euthanized. They provide veterinary care to the animals in their care. They place homeless and rescued animals into RCR-approved foster homes until permanent homes can be secured. They not only educate the public on helping abused animals and preventing cruelty, they promote spaying and neutering.

Rock City Rescue, located in North Little Rock, Arkansas have rescued over 250 pets since late 2012 when it was established by rescuer Casey Carter. They are devoted to helping abused animals. They are a volunteer organization, soon-to-be a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

If you can foster a dog, volunteer your time and skills, donate funds or goods, please contact them.

To donate funds, go to their website:

Donate at Rescuer's Website

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Follow Rock City Rescue
Twitter: rockcityrescue
Facebook: RockCityRescue

About: Marine Mammal Center Helping Abused Animals – Marine Mammals

About: Marine Mammal Center Helping Abused Animals – Marine Mammals

The Marine Mammal Center is helping abused animals with a focus on marine mammals such as elephant seals, harbor seals, and the California sea lions. They rescue and rehabilitate sick and injured marine mammals. They are supported by state-of-the-art animal care and research facilities, a corps of dedicated volunteers, and an engaged community.

A Hawaiian monk seal
Image from the Marine Mammal Center Website.

The Marine Mammal Center is a nonprofit veterinary research hospital and educational center . dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of ill and injured marine mammals – primarily elephant seals, harbor seals, and California sea lions. It is wonderful to hear that they have rescued and treated more than 18,000 marine mammals in the California area! Tremendous success that deserves much appreciation from the rest of us.


Sausalito, CA

The Marine Mammal Center is rated 4 stars on Charity Navigator

The Marine Mammal Center is also listed in the Independent Charities of America‘s best charities.

Listed by


Donate at Rescuer's Website

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About: World Animal Protection – Helping Abused Animals

About: World Animal Protection – Helping Abused Animals

Thank you to World Animal Protection for helping abused animals globally. They have updated our post with the latest information as of 5-9-2014. Thank you World Animal Protection for the update.

The World Animal Protection works to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. They work to stop the unnecessary and inhumane culling of dogs in communities. They help the millions of farm animals suffering from the cruel conditions of factory farming by encouraging humane farming practices. When a disaster strikes, World Animal Protection is there to assist animals both in the immediate aftermath and in the long-term. They also work to rescue bears in captivity and protect marine life. Through their educational programs, they help people to understand the importance of good animal welfare.

World Animal Protection works directly with animals and with the people and organizations that can prevent cruelty and ensure that animals are treated with respect and compassion.

World Animal Protection actively works in more than 50 countries and collaborates with national governments, the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health to improve the lives of millions of animals. They bring animals into the heart of the most pressing global debates and prove the links between good animal welfare and successful sustainable development.

World Animal Protection is a world leader in animal-focused disaster response and risk reduction. With 30 years of experience, they are sometimes the only animal organization able to access disaster-struck regions and make a very real, immediate difference to suffering animals.

Charity Navigator Rating: 2.

Donate at Rescuer's Website

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USA Office:

450 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10123

World Animal Protection is listed in Independent Charities of America.

(WSPA changed their name to World Animal Protection.)
Their Facebook page is


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