Leave No Paws Behind is Helping Abused Animals

Leave No Paws Behind is Helping Abused Animals

Pets are family. Animals have feelings, they fear, they suffer pain, they have emotions and love for their owners. How can people dump their pets in the cold or at shelters? This is heartbreaking. These pets are devoted to their human families. They mourn lost owners.

There are organizations that are helping abused animals. Leave No Paws Behind is one that lovingly helps these poor senior betrayed animals. They offer end of life support and specialized medical services to these loving animals. Foster care assists until the healthy pets are adopted. The more medically challenged rescues that suffer with terminal and/or severe medical conditions are placed in hospice/long term foster care for as long as needed. Some of the rescues arrive in mutilated conditions from abuse.

Leave No Paws Behind is a non profit located in California. We have listed this organization on our rescue directory. For more information please visit their website too. Also checkout their store and Facebook page.

Leave no paws behind

About: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is Helping Abused Animals

About: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is Helping Abused Animals

Meet a wonderful organization that is helping abused animals “from idiot humans”.

Since March 2011, Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue has rescued over 1300 dogs from shelters across the country. This non-profit, all volunteer network of rescuers transports dogs from pounds in the rural south, dogs that are on the ‘kill lists’ in high kill pounds. Some of those pounds practice inhumane methods of euthanizing the dogs. Some have over a 90% kill rate.

The loving people at Badass utilize professional rescue transporters to ensure that the ride up from these pounds to Brooklyn are comfortable and stress-free. The dogs are taken to foster homes for training and some get adopted. Badass takes meticulous steps to finding an appropriate match, including personal references, a vet reference and a home visit before they allow the adoption to take place.

In addition, rescued dogs provide medical care, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, tests for heartworm and other medical services.

Please visit their website http://www.badassbrooklynanimalrescue.com to find out more about their wonderful efforts, to foster a dog, volunteer, or donate.

Connect with them at

  • https://www.facebook.com/BadassBrooklynFosterDog
  • https://vimeo.com/badassbkanimalrescue
  • http://thedailybadass.tumblr.com/
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKP07b1itHUi7TbYOdJanXw
  • https://www.pinterest.com/badassbrooklyn/
  • https://twitter.com/BadassBK
  • https://instagram.com/badassbrooklyn/
About: Rock City Rescue Helping Abused Animals

About: Rock City Rescue Helping Abused Animals

Rock City Rescue rescues animals that have been abused, endangered, neglected, or in danger of being euthanized. They provide veterinary care to the animals in their care. They place homeless and rescued animals into RCR-approved foster homes until permanent homes can be secured. They not only educate the public on helping abused animals and preventing cruelty, they promote spaying and neutering.

Rock City Rescue, located in North Little Rock, Arkansas have rescued over 250 pets since late 2012 when it was established by rescuer Casey Carter. They are devoted to helping abused animals. They are a volunteer organization, soon-to-be a private, not-for-profit 501(c)(3).

If you can foster a dog, volunteer your time and skills, donate funds or goods, please contact them.

To donate funds, go to their website:

Donate at Rescuer's Website

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Follow Rock City Rescue
Twitter: rockcityrescue
Facebook: RockCityRescue

About: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Helping Abused Animals

About: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Helping Abused Animals

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is helping abused animals with a focus on donkeys that have suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment throughout the United States. One can just look at the picture, taken from the PVDR website to see some of the abuse.

Mark and Amy Meyers are the founders of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. They support about 3000 donkeys and have satellite adoption centers to help find loving homes. Mark speaks on shows and radio about donkeys and their rescue.



Mailing Address                  Ranch Address
PO Box 216                          8317 Duckworth Road
Miles, TX 76861                  San Angelo, TX 76906

Charity Navigator Rating: 2


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About: Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc.

Castleton Ranch Horse Rescue Inc. is a non-profit organization located in California. They are helping abused animals with efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, adopt horses from abuse and neglect. Those horses that cannot be adopted are taken care on at their rescue sanctuary. Many horses have been abused in the auction yard for the racetracks, or PMU farms where they are bred for their urine for the menopause hormone replacement drug.The PMU farms are self regulating, where there is terrible treatment, and without basic care.

See http://www.premarin.org/ and http://www.equineadvocates.org/ to see the conditions of these urine collection farms.


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