10 Victories in Helping Abused Animals

10 Victories in Helping Abused Animals

Here are more than 10 victories in helping abused animals that lift our spirits. Of course, there is SO much more to do. These victories were enabled by great compassionate heroes and organizations. They were also enabled by people sharing information about the realities of animal abuse and signing petitions.

Four Paws UK saved lion cubs Masoud and Teres. Four Paws International saved Simba and Saeed. They also saved Misa, a little bear, who is making progress since she was rescued from being permanently trapped in a cage.

Humane Society International stated, “U.S. pro-trophy hunting group, Safari Club International announced it will not allow captive-bred lion hunts to be sold or promoted during its conventions, will no longer accept advertising from operators offering these hunts, and will prohibit entries of captive lion hunts into its record books!..huge step forward for lions.”. UK and Taiwan governments have announced bans on ivory sales, a huge win for elephants.

Portugal: Vegan options are required by law now.

Compassion in World Farming: Sodexo (one of the largest food service companies in the world) expands chicken commitment in Canada, a huge development in the fight to end factory farming.

The Humane Society: Great Dane brutal commercial breeding operation was stopped.

In Defense of Animals: San Francisco bans fur sales.

IFAW team responded to more than 4600 stranded marine mammals since 1998. “One day a record-breaking 17 dolphins were rescued after becoming stranded on the shores of Cape Cod.”

Vegan biotech companies are disrupting the leather industry.

Non-dairy milk is growing.

IBM is helping to protect rhinos with their technology which predicts threats and combats the poaching in South Africa.

All these organizations and efforts are helping abused animals, saving many and bringing awareness of the abuse.

Thank you to all!


5 Great Successes in Helping Abused Animals

5 Great Successes in Helping Abused Animals

The world is progressing in helping abused animals. Feel great about the following success stories and see who is helping abused animals:

The farmers:

Derbyshire farmer turns his farm for human consumption to one that is a vegan farm. He couldn’t look into the eyes of his cows knowing that he would betray them. killing animals for meat was “morally indefensible”. They sent their 70 cows to a sanctuary in Norfolk, England, keeping 12 cows as loving companions. The farm now grows vegetables and will include a restaurant, cookery school and shop. Mercy For Animals uncovered investigations and #helpingabusedanimals. They indicate that millions around the world are becoming vegan.

Thank you to Mercy for Animals for their happy cows picture.

The famous:

Beyoncé announced that she is going #vegan. If she can get her 112  million followers to join her, that would be immense in #helpingabusedanimals.

The Government:

U.S. Senator Pat Toomey, R-PA, feels that “There is something wrong with a society that wouldn’t protect innocent animals.” He co-created a bill with U.S. Senator Richard Blumental, D-CT to outlaw the heinous form of animal abused “crushing’, where deranged individuals main and torture animals. See the Prevent Animal Cruelty and Torture Act (PACT) allows those found guilty of such acts would face felony charges and seven years in prison.


Thanks to White Coat Waste Project‘s efforts, investigations, lawsuits, and the members of Congress like Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Representative Ken Calvert (R-CA) and Dr. Jane Goodall, the FDA ends an addiction study that kills lab monkeys. White Coat Waste Project has been working to stop the government’s $15 billion animal testing program.

Wildlife SOS is working tireless to save India’s wildlife. Recently, they saved two extremely rare Himalayan brown bears. Their medical support saved a rare black terrapin turtle. Their anti-poaching team assists the Forest Department and Police in the fight against an $8 -$ 10 billion wildlife trafficking and illegal trade of wildlife and wildlife products.

Great Books Endearing Children to Animals:

There are many wonderful books that young children should read to endear them to animals and to learn about veganism. See sample books at our JustVegan.shop, such as “V Is for Vegan” and Charlotte’s Web. Kids grow up loving animals.


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7 Successes in Helping Abused Animals

7 Successes in Helping Abused Animals

The successes in helping abused animals are growing, too slowly for us animal lovers, but at least they are growing more rapidly.
Elephants in TZ
Photo Credits: Elephants in TZ by Kristian Schmidt.

Dog Meat

As reported by One Green Planet, 126 dog meat restaurants have been permanently closed or stopped selling dog meat in China. Animals Asia has been at the forefront in this accomplishment. Their investigation has shown that 1039 dog meat restaurants were suspected on illegality. Some Chinese government departments have finally opened its eyes to the illegal methods of obtaining the dogs and have done something about it. Animals Asia has been tirelessly working with local groups to share information and bring greater success.Unfortunately, this is not across the board. Over 10 million dogs are being brutally slaughtered every year.  Please sign the Animals Asia petition to #EndTheDogMeatTrade.


Save the Manatee Club in Michigan supports numerous conservation efforts. The races they run since 2003 have raised $175,000 towards helping manatees. These awesome beings have been downlisted from endangered to threatened. Luckily their numbers have increased but that shouldn’t stop the efforts. 2016 was the deadliest year for watercraft moralities.

Wildlife and Elephants

WildAid has reported that Ugandans value their wildlife and elephants. In a nationwide survey in Uganda, 79% indicated that it would matter a great deal if their wildlife disappeared.  They indicated that elephants needed the most protection, followed by lions, then gorillas and pangolins.The Uganda Conservation Foundation, WildAid, and the Uganda Wildlife Authority will be launching a major conservation awareness campaign in June.

Trauma Training

Peta has reported that we have a victory. The U.S. Coast Guard will end its use of animals in trauma training. The trauma training included shooting, stabbing and dismembering live animals. They will use a simulation modelling too instead.

Black Bear Cubs

CBC News has reported that Judy and Roger Stearns in Manitoba, Canada, plan to build the first black bear cub rehabilitation facility in Rockwood. It is getting much support from the community. Manitoba has been one of the only provinces in Canada that has a black bear population and did not have a rehab facility. The council will vote on this proposal June 14th.


The growth in vegan foods has been amazing. Rise of the Vegan has reported that a large dairy company Elmhurst Dairy, in Queens, New York will end its dairy operation after 90 years due to decreased customer demand. It is great to see half the dairy shelves with non-milk dairy. This company has renamed itself to Elmhurst and is now producing their own healthy plant-based milks. Research shows that half (49%) of Americans now regularly consume non-dairy milk.

In addition, people are switching whey protein powders to plant-based protein powders, which the best for building muscle.

Documenting Cruelty as well as Scams

Dovers has reported that animal rights group Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) in Nebraska, is using drones to fly over livestock research facility US Meat Animal Research Center, to document cruel lamb experiments. The Times had reported abuse at this USDA facility in 2015.  SHARK also investigates potential scams and fraud by animal rescue organizations.

Helping Abused Animals: Many Successes But Too Many More Challenges

Helping Abused Animals: Many Successes But Too Many More Challenges

There are many success stories in helping abused animals, thankfully. So many have helped improve conditions for animals. Yet, the successes only skim the surface. The amount of challenges and suffering that animals are facing is beyond belief, a terrible horror.

Saved Koala

Helping Abused Animals Success Stories

Rescue organizations are saving animals, for example, SOS Wildlife saved elephants from abuse and poor conditions; Soi Dog Foundation saved many dogs from torture and death. Many organizations (see directory for sample) and many nameless people are helping abused animals where ever they can.

“Greyhound trainers sentenced to PRISON for animal cruelty”, thanks to Animals Australia investigations to achieve justice for the victims of live baiting. Animals Australia rescued some lucky greyhounds after they retired from racing. Otherwise, they would have faced death at retirement.

“Tennessee Becomes First State to Create Animal Abuser Registry”, as reported by Pet360. “According to the National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS), which is dedicated to ending the exploitation of animals used in science, lawmakers in 10 states introduced but failed to pass bills establishing an animal abuser registry before the end of the 2015 legislative session. Those states are: Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.”

As reported by Independent News, notable success stories include reduction in abusive animal entertainment, reduction in brutal religious animal sacrifice, bans on fox-hunting with more than 2 dogs, retirement of federally owned chimpanzees from lab experimentation, some countries banned animal-sex tourism and cosmetics & household-product testing on animals, horse-drawn carriages, no more breeding of orcas for SeaWorld.

Petitions have helped bring justice. As Animal Petitions notes, successes include less baby monkeys being tortured in labs, vet’s license revoked for killing a cat brutally, turtle-abusing and pig wrestling events cancelled, lions returning home, mittens donated for burned koalas, airlines banning the transporting of wildlife trophies.

Many more vegan restaurants and food options are blooming. More people are eating less animal products. as they are becoming more aware of the brutality that exists behind food products.

Helping Abused Animals Continued Challenges

Help Raju from abuse. We need more signatures by Sept 4.

Help Raju from abuse. We need more signatures by Sept 4.

These successes are great but only skim the surface.

  • Farm animals are still tortured for food. Dogs and cats are tortured before being killed for food because of the perceived benefits.
  • Live frogs are encased in key chains to suffocate.
  • Zoos are acting as jails, leaving many animals in small cages where they can’t move much or alone as in the Bronx Zoo lonely elephant case.
  • Wild animals killed for trophies.
  • Elephants and rhinos on the verge of extinction, yet poached and killed for their tusks for ivory trinkets.
  • Horrible quarantine facilities for animals to die in. Kill ‘shelters’.
  • Skins of animals ripped off their live bodies and electrocution for fur and leather.
  • Animal entertainment continues torturing. Bull, horse, dog and other animal fighting, torture and killing.
  • Puppy mills.
  • Insensitive families leaving their pets out on chains and in fidget cold weather unprotected and lonely.
  • Pet owners giving up their pets because they just don’t want them anymore, leaving them to die in shelters and feel bereavement at being abandoned by their ‘loving’ families.
  • Stuffing of ducks forcefully for Foie Gras.
  • Garbage thrown into the sea.
  • And if that is not enough, there are always some people who enjoy torturing and killing animals for fun.

Animals are loving, sensitive beings

shar peiAnimals feel emotional and physical pain and fear, just like humans. They are devoted, loving beings that need to be treasured, loved and taken care of. We are their voice.

What are you doing to help animals?

Let us know by signing in at our center. Let’s show our strength in numbers.

About Paws of War – Helping Abused Animals

About Paws of War – Helping Abused Animals

Paws of WarPaws of War is ‘helping a vet’ while ‘saving a pet’. Their mission is admirable and very much appreciated by veterans and their shelter dogs, and deserves much praise.

“To train and place shelter dogs to serve and provide independence to our U.S. military veterans that suffer from the emotional effects of war.”

Veterans are not charged for this service. The cost is absorbed by donations to the Paws of War. This wonderful service provides life-long support to our veterans and their dogs through personalized one-on-one training sessions. Animals are such loving, devoted companions. It is no wonder how helpful they are to anyone. Paws of War’s approach is helping abused animals at the same time as helping the veterans. A totally win-win situation.

We salute and honor all veterans today on Veteran’s Day, and every day. Thank you!.


Paws of War is located in  Smithtown, NY

Different Species are Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Different Species are Enjoying Each Other’s Company

Bear and Tiger Playing Together

Animals are wonderful. They are cute, playful, sensitive. One can see they think and have emotions just as humans do. Humans should want to protect them and care for them with the love that they deserve.

Checkout this wonderful video,  by Happify Daily, showing how different species are enjoying each other’s company. So heartwarming.

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