About: World Animal Protection – Helping Abused Animals

About: World Animal Protection – Helping Abused Animals

Thank you to World Animal Protection for helping abused animals globally. They have updated our post with the latest information as of 5-9-2014. Thank you World Animal Protection for the update.

The World Animal Protection works to tackle animal cruelty across the globe. They work to stop the unnecessary and inhumane culling of dogs in communities. They help the millions of farm animals suffering from the cruel conditions of factory farming by encouraging humane farming practices. When a disaster strikes, World Animal Protection is there to assist animals both in the immediate aftermath and in the long-term. They also work to rescue bears in captivity and protect marine life. Through their educational programs, they help people to understand the importance of good animal welfare.

World Animal Protection works directly with animals and with the people and organizations that can prevent cruelty and ensure that animals are treated with respect and compassion.

World Animal Protection actively works in more than 50 countries and collaborates with national governments, the United Nations, the Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Organization for Animal Health to improve the lives of millions of animals. They bring animals into the heart of the most pressing global debates and prove the links between good animal welfare and successful sustainable development.

World Animal Protection is a world leader in animal-focused disaster response and risk reduction. With 30 years of experience, they are sometimes the only animal organization able to access disaster-struck regions and make a very real, immediate difference to suffering animals.

Charity Navigator Rating: 2.

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USA Office:

450 Seventh Avenue, 31st Floor, New York, NY 10123

World Animal Protection is listed in Independent Charities of America.

(WSPA changed their name to World Animal Protection.)
Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/WorldAnimalProtectionUS.


About: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Helping Abused Animals

About: Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue Helping Abused Animals

Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue is helping abused animals with a focus on donkeys that have suffered from abuse, neglect and abandonment throughout the United States. One can just look at the picture, taken from the PVDR website to see some of the abuse.

Mark and Amy Meyers are the founders of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. They support about 3000 donkeys and have satellite adoption centers to help find loving homes. Mark speaks on shows and radio about donkeys and their rescue.



Mailing Address                  Ranch Address
PO Box 216                          8317 Duckworth Road
Miles, TX 76861                  San Angelo, TX 76906

Charity Navigator Rating: 2


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About: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

About: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)


International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW)

Local Office: Washington, D.C.
International Office: Yarmouth Port, MA

IFAW is a  worldwide organization in helping abused animals. They have many projects that save animals in need globally, in more than 40 countries. They tirelessly rescue individual animals, campaign to prevent animal cruelty and advocate for the protection of wildlife and habitats. Projects include helping domestic animals such as dogs and cats. They save seals from brutal terror and killings. They defend the whales and protect elephants, tigers. IFAW also educations and pursues political action to further the protection and preservation of animals. They look for ways to address conflicts and challenges of animal populations. Viewers can help with donations, signing petitions, writing letters.

IFAW is recognized as a leader in helping abused animals by the Independent Charities of America. Their Charity Navigator rating though is only a 2 out of 4.

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About: North Shore Animal League America

North Shore Animal League is helping abused animals with their no-kill shelter, that rescues, nurtures, and places homeless animals from across the country into loving homes, saving them from puppy mills and kill-shelters, and rescuing them from natural disasters.

Their special Mutt-i-grees Movement ®: seeks to create a no-kill nation through education and innovative programs to promote pet adoption. Visit Mutt-i-grees Movement ®.

They offer spray and neuter program and nursery care for pregnant dogs and cats.

Charity Navigator Rating: 2 Star

North Shore Animal League America
25 Davis Avenue
Port Washington, NY 11050
(516) 883.7575


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