Morris & Morris, P.A., is a Florida based law firm concentrating in property/casualty insurance and international and domestic international property. Morris & Morris believes in giving back every day, and provides total support for a rescue facility for formerly abandoned and abused domestic and farm animals. All animals at the facility are housed and maintained for life. To honor and commemorate the Firm’s charitable mission, a special logo, shown above, was designed that abstractly depicts the snout of one of the facility’s residents, a pig named Tuna.

Derma-E offers extraordinary skin care products with potent vitamins, wholesome nutrients and exceptional ingredients. They have become one of the largest natural facial care brands in the U.S.

Their products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free formulas do not contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfates, petrolatum, mineral oil, artificial colors, gluten, soy or GMOs.

Each purchase helps to support global communities and the environment. They support the Paraguay Project, Vitamin Angels, World Wildlife Fund, Heal the Bay and Special Olympics: Ventura County.

For more information, please visit Derma-E

K911Tags offers many designs for you to choose from at a very low cost. Make sure you purchase a dog tag for your pet. It is so helpful in case your pet gets lost. To see selections, please visit

Surya Brasil offers cruelty-free products for hair and nails. They are award-winning, dedicated to creating the healthiest natural, organic and vegan products possible.  In addition, they give back to society and the environment with a focus on animal protection, environmental preservation, educational transformation and human rights.

For more information, visit Surya Brasil.

Delicious vegan food! Great setting and service. Highly recommended. Located in New Brunswick, NJ

A global campaign based in UK dedicated to changing public attitudes, while providing information to help people make the transition to veganism.

Speaking up for, and defending, those that cannot speak for, or defend themselves. Encouraging others to do the same, and to assist them in their advocacy goals.

Vegan Design’s mission is to educate and bring awareness to people, businesses and corporations about cruelty free and vegan products, materials and services. They offer educational online courses and a registered trademark program. Eliminating th euse of animal skin, fur and leather will save over 1 billion innocent animals every year. Founder Deborah DiMare is owner of DeMare Design that is dedicated to cruelty free interior design

DiMare Design offers ultra luxury custom interior design and remodeling for residential and commercial properties throughout the United States and internationally. Their work is cruelty-free and optimally designed for emotional wellness and personal growth. Owner Deborah DiMare has also established Certified Cruelty Free education and certification with their registered trademark program.

Visit DeMare Design and Certified Cruelty Free.


Petpav, short for Pet-Pavillion is an online magazine that offers good, reliable information on anything related to pets and pet topics. Pet lover and founder Lisa Fimberg writes about a wide variety of topics and about many different breeds, giving readers advice that helps them become better pet parents.Topics include entertainment, health, food & diet, training, adoption and more.

Visit site at


Dahlia Web Designs LLC offers a holistic approach to creating website and marketing strategies & design. Dahlia, owner, is founder and sponsor of the Helping Abused Animals platform of services.


Moth & Moon carries a variety of art supplies including paints, canvases, charcoals, and sketching supplies. Their most popular items are their vegan paintbrush sets that are made of cruelty-free synthetic brush hair. In addition to committing to cruelty-free products in her own life, owner Emma Owens has committed to selling cruelty-free products on her online shop. Emma is making it easier for artists to find affordable, high-quality paintbrushes that are not made of animal hair.

Emma offers 15% off of all items in her shop our viewers. Please use code HAA15 for 15% off all items in her shop.

For more information, please visit Moon & Moth Art Supply

PlantBased Solutions believes in “unlocking the power of plants to solve the world’s biggest problems.” Their mission is to support the world with innovative plant-based products. Their focus includes food, packaging, health, beauty and fashion. The leaders of PlantBased Solutions are innovators and experts who support plant-based companies with marketing and brand management to facilitate their success. And in turn, they are helping abused animals.

Services include Marketing Strategy and Execution, Sales and Distribution, Investment and Financial Management and Operations.

Visit PlantBased Solutions to find out more.

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