Concerns about climate change are global. So why…

…why is there relatively such little concern about factory farming, which is affecting climate change? Why aren’t all those concerned with climate change also vegan, and thereby helping abused animals in addition to helping climate change?

The brutality and inhumanity against animals are reasons enough to go vegan. But, if one needs a climate-related reason, it is known that factory farming contributes greatly to global warming. The Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs ) is playing a key role.

Vegan food

65 Billion animals are crammed into CAFOs, imprisoned, tortured and killed in unhealthy, unsanitary CAFOs.

Sickness is the norm for animals who are confined rather than pastured, eating GMO corn and soybeans rather than grass. The antibiotics and growth hormones that they are fed are threatening the environment as they enter our drinking water. The food contains antibiotic-resistant pathogens and drug residues that affect our bodies.

CAFOs contribute to greenhouse gases more than the transportation industry. So when people assess their air quality, they should realize that it is their animal-food that is causing a large part of the problem.

Animals require a tremendous amount of water, affecting areas like California that have droughts. Factory farming requires more food (grains that could feed people), than it produces.

And what about the eco-system for animals outside the farms? We are causing the torture and extinction of many animals which causes an imbalance in the environment.

It’s long past due to take care of the animals rather than abusing and killing them.

  • When will people’s hearts be larger than their stomachs?
  • When will people decide that it is more important to save millions of animals from being tortured and killed than to get a fur coat, leather shoes and pocketbooks.
  • When will people realize that trophy-killing is not only brutally inhumane, but brings extinction that can never be reversed.
  • When will people realize that animals’ purpose in life is not for our entertainment, but rather, to live in the manner that is humane, and ecologically and environmentally safe.
  • When will stopping animal cruelty be more important than the makeup and household products that are purchased?

The list goes on and on, …. We need to be helping abused animals live in peace with their families in their environment. Animals feel pain and loneliness. That has been proven. Animal lovers weep at the brutality against animals. The sample stories and pictures depicting such abuse are beyond words.

There is so much humanity among animals in the animal kingdom. It’s horrific that such humanity is missing from so many people.

Go vegan to help the animals, ourselves, and the globe. If you care about the climate, you should care about the living beings too.


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