There are so many organizations helping abused animals !

Thank you to the rescuers for all their efforts. Thank you to those who assist in any way they can.

We wanted to get a little bit of a handle on the so many rescuers out there, organize the list into with cohesive approach, with the goals of Helping Abused Animal.

The goals of Helping Abused Animals include the following:

  • to organize the list of rescuers in an effective manner. There are so many that we can’t possibly list all, but it’s a start. We do offer rescuers to contact us to get listed for free.
  • to make it easier for donators to find what is available so that they can offer support.
  • to enable the leveraging of resources and reduced costs to rescuers as they will see other organizations in their field or location.
  • to offer our website services at discounted prices to 501c rescuers to the best of to our ability and time permitting. We are currently donating our time and resources to set up 1-page websites for free to assist the smaller rescue services.
  • to identify helpful tips
  • to offer advertising opportunities that will bring benefits to the rescuers who are helping abused animals. Advertising opportunities are being offered to stores, companies, freelancers that would like to post their services and discounts to the community.

Disclosure: any potential proceeds generated by affiliate links helps us in our quest for helping abused animals. In addition, a portion of our profits from our services and advertising revenue are donated to animal rescue and no-kill shelters.


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