Independent Charities of America is helping abused animals with their certification of charities.



For Givers

  • To assemble, screen, certify, and present high quality charities for giver consideration.
  • To help givers find specific charities that are doing the work they wish to support.
  • To provide systems that allow for charities to ask potential contributors for gifts, and for contributors to make gifts, without high fund raising overhead costs.

For Employers

  • Free administrative, logistical, and funds distribution services to facilitate employer support of employee giving at work through payroll deduction and otherwise.
  • Public recognition for companies that sponsor at-work employee giving campaigns.

For Charities

  • In return for adhering to the highest standards of accountability and service, to provide the privilege of one-stop application, certification, and access to workplace giving, web-based giving, and other low-cost “federated” fund raising. Member Services and Benefits.

Charities are reviewed and certified annually.

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