Great organizations, people and petitions are helping abused animals. Thank you for all the efforts and successes. It is a relief to read about how some are succeeding at helping abused animals. How horrifying that such abuse was and continue to be happening. Where is the humanity?

Here are samples of successes and the abuse that was addressed:


Man Who Tortured Kitten was Arrested

Cat Killed

“A Pennsylvania man injected a kitten with heroin before severely beating and torturing it. Commend the officer who arrested this man on animal cruelty charges and rescued the kitten from certain death.”
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— from Animal Petitions

Former NBA Star Preserving Rhinos and Elephants


“A former NBA star is trying to save the rhinos and elephants of Africa by promoting awareness and educating the Chinese people about the animals’ plight. He should be thanked for his efforts, as these animals can only be saved by the efforts of well meaning human beings.”
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— from Animal Petitions

Stray Dogs are Trained for Police Service


“Stray dogs will now be adopted and trained for work as guard dogs, thanks to an initiative by civic officials in New Delhi. Applaud the move, which will improve street safety for citizens and canines alike.”
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— from Animal Petitions

Success: Abusive Circus Punished for Cruel Animal Displays


“An inhumane circus has been find and permanently shut down following a government investigation. Praise the Mexican government for saving the lives of these tortured animals and relocating them to a sanctuary.”
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— from Animal Petitions

USDA Bans Imports of Very Young Dogs from Foreign Puppy Mills

“the U.S. Department of Agriculture has finalized a rule prohibiting the import of very young puppies into the United States for resale from foreign puppy mills. This is a major advance for dogs, pet parents and for animal advocates like you who have worked for decades to end the import of dogs bred in foreign puppy mills and sold to unsuspecting U.S. pet owners.”
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— from Humane Society of the U.S.

Hugo the Shar Pei Saved At the Last Minute

shar pei

“When Lynette McIlveen was sick, her son’s dog, Hugo, helped her recover her health. But after the 2-year-old Shar Pei was found wandering in their Gold Coast community in Australia, he was impounded and put on death row. Care2 member Tania Wood started a petition to save Hugo. When authorities insisted he must be euthanized, a massive outcry arose and thousands of people joined the fight to save Hugo. On September 1, Hugo was set free. He is now living with relatives of his owner.”
— from Care2 petitions