There are several bills that we need all NYC Council Members to co-sponsor bills that would help reduce animal torture and slaughter. Animals are sentient beings. They feel pain, loss and fear, just like humans. We won’t stop all inhumanity against animals, but we should at least stop it where we can.


Intro 1378 – Sales Ban on Forced-Fed Foie Gras.

  • Foie Gras is the diseased and enlarged liver of a duck or goose produced through force-feeding by shoving pipes with food down their throats.
  • Foie Gras is sold in about 1.5% of NYC restaurants. So, this bill doesn’t impact most of the restaurants.
  • Force-feeding geese with pipes down their throat causes damage to the esophagus, liver and causes other diseases.
  • This bill has overwhelming support:
    • 81% of NYC
    • Over 60 not-for profit charities
    • Over 50 NY-based veterinaries
    • Nearly 100 NYC-based restaurants

Intro 1476 – Sales Ban on Fur Apparel

  • Over 100 million animals are killed for their fur every year, worldwide.
  • Fur-farms keep their animals in unbearably small cages for all their lives, so small that they can only go a few steps in any direction, awaiting being skinned alive, or electrocution, or to be gassed to death. The animals are many times awake while getting skinned alive, while having clamps and rods forcing them down. The farms are filthy places with little to no food and water. These wild animals actually go crazy in these small cages from anguish and frustration, leading to self-mutilation, biting at their skin, tail and feet, and even cannibalizing their cage-mates. Parasites and disease run rampant.
  • Animals that are caught in the wild for fur are caught with excruciating traps. They are so painful that animals try to gnaw off their trapped legs. They stay in the trap for days in this horrific pain till someone comes to take them, only to be brutally slaughtered.
  • Why would anyone not support the ban?
    • More and more people are becoming aware of the brutality and have stopped buying fur anyway.
    • Voters are becoming more selective in voting only for humane legislators.
    • There are more jobs lost due to automation, than to furriers if fur gets banned. It is estimated that 73 million US jobs will be lost by 2030 due to automation. But that doesn’t stop us from proceeding with automation. In the same way, fur job loss shouldn’t be a reason to continue with fur brutalities.

Reso 798 – Support Statewide Sale Ban on dogs, cats, and rabbits from pet stores.

  • Pets that are sold in stores come from abusive mills that don’t take care of their animals. Some stores have been found to continue that abuse, as seen by undercover investigative teams. People that end up with purchased pets that are sick many times dump these animals instead of caring for them.

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