About White Coat Waste Project Helping Abused Animals

The government is supposed to protect all our country, yet they spend about $12-$15 billion tax dollars every year for wasteful experiments on loving animals ... cats, dogs, monkeys and other animals. These experiments are brutally cruel. They are useless. Animal...

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5 Things Helping People Become Vegan

ith a greater interest in caring for animals, there are many things that are helping people become vegan. This includes vegan foods, vegan cooking classes, vegan products, internet tips and recipes, vegan books and more. When people become vegan,...

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What's Happening?

Individual animal lovers are helping abused animals around the world. Rescue organizations work around the clock as they are helping abused animals. Thank you for your interest in visiting our blog. Our website platform includes a directory of rescue organizations, daily global news, sample cruelty-free products, resources about veganism, and much more:

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Friends of Animals

65 Billions of Farm Animals

Killed Yearly, For Food

100,000 Elephants Killed by Poachers in just 3 Years

80% of herds are lost

3000 Farm Animals


5940 African Rhinos Killed by Poachers Since 2008

West African Black Rhino is now EXTINCT

Show how you are helping animals

Adopt or Foster Animal(s).
Boycott animal entertainment.
Buy cruelty-free products.
Create/Sign/Share Petitions
Directly Save Animal(s).
Donate Money/Products to Rescue Organizations.
Don’t attend/participate in Animal Entertainment.
Don’t Buy Leather, Fur, Wool.
Leave A Legacy.
Report Animal Abuse When Seen.
Support Education/Training.
Share Information via Posting to Social Media.
Share Information via Writing Blogs/e-Newsletters
Volunteer Your Time/Services at/for Rescue Organizations.
Work on State Legislation.
Write to Officials.