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Welcome to our Helping Abused Animals website, for compassionate people who love animals.

Our Helping Abused Animals website platform supports animal rescue organizations, ongoing advocacy initiatives and our viewers with information to enable them in their pursuit of this compassionate cause.

Join our social media communities for information sharing, petitions to sign/share, great vegan products, success stories, camaraderie, and more.

Thank you for caring about every species animals,

Dahlia Benaroya


Our Mission

Share Information for Advocacy

Global News, Petitions, Legislation, Resources, Tips

Showcase & Help Rescue Organizations

They are at the frontlines. Our goal is to help them to help the animals.

Offer Compassionate Products on our Online Stores

Cruelty-free and ‘go-green’ products,  products for kids, and merchandise to showcase your love of animals.

Highlight Compassionate Companies

Connect with an animal-loving community

Offer Website & Marketing Services

To Give Back

We donate to many rescue organizations. 100% of our proceeds goes to helping abused animals.

Helping Abused Animals Platform of Services

Showcasing Rescue 501Cs & Compassionate Companies

Global Online Newsletter & Resources

Website & Technology Solutions

Latest new website helping Operations Community Cats in Idaho

Our Community

Social Media & Groups

We share many petitions, stories, and other information on Twitter,  Facebook and LinkedIn social media. Follow us there.

Also, we invite you to join our Helping Abused Animals LinkedIn Group or our Facebook Group to meet thousands of other like-minded animal lovers.  We share information and discuss the challenges of animal advocacy. This camaraderie helps us advocate for animals and allows us to share the anguish we feel from knowing about animal abuse.

Let’s connect.

Support Rescue Organizations

Would you like to support rescue organizations? 100% of your individual donation or business advertising purchase is donated to the many rescue organizations. Check out some of them on our compassionate businesses.

Shop for a Cause

100% of all proceeds is donated to rescue organizations.

Compassionate Businesses

Click here if you would like to apply to showcase your business as a compassionate one helping animals. We would love your support.

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